Gift ideas for the fat bike enthusiast

Idées cadeaux pour l'adepte du fat bike

With the holiday season approaching, it's time to start thinking about the gifts you want to give. We know that it's not always easy, especially when you want to please a bike enthusiast and you don't do it. Here are some ideas that will certainly please your fat bike enthusiast.

Gift under $50:

  • The Nasak tuque ($30): this thin tuque is perfect for wearing under the helmet.

  • The Nasak balaclava ($40): Perfect for colder days, you don't want your cyclist to miss out on the best fat bike conditions!

  • The Mund Grips from blivet ($33): If you want to please your "fat biker's" hands, these grips will help them feel less cold. They are made of EVA, which keeps the cold away from the handlebars to the hands.

      Gift from $50 to $100:

      • Loki 5 bottle cover ($50): If you do any winter sports you already know that keeping your water liquid can be more difficult and it's no different with fat biking.

      • Tindr tire cover ($65): This little gift is especially useful if the person has studded tires or if they transport their bike inside their car.

      • Risor undergloves ($62): This underglove is perfect to put under “pogies” or to wear alone on sweet days.

      Gift over $100:

      • Heiruspecs Flat Pedals ($136): These wide pedals offer good grip with any winter boot and won't tear winter pants since they have rounded lugs.

      • Candy 7 clip pedals ($250): If your winter cyclist rides with clip pedals, the Candy 7 are perfect since they allow easy snow removal.


        • The Quilo Gen boots. 2 ($300): These boots suitable for fat biking have a Vibram sole which allows them to adhere perfectly to flat pedals. Plus, they're warm so he or she doesn't freeze their feet!

        • The VOK pogies and MUND handles kit ($155): This kit is perfect for protecting your hands from the cold and wind. The entrance is quite short, which allows even small people to easily remove their hands.

        • The PWR trail 1100 light ($163): This light is perfect for evening outings, it offers good visibility and good autonomy.

        Of course, we have plenty of other products available for fat biking or mountain biking!