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Max price: $2,985.00 $



Max price: $2,985.00 $

    Eagle GX 12-speed chain

    Sram - Eagle GX 12-speed chain

    $ 52.99

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      KMC 11 Speed Chain X11

      KMC - KMC 11 Speed Chain X11

      $ 43.99

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        SLX SM-RT66 220/203/180/160mm 6-Bolt Disc

        Shimano - SLX SM-RT66 220/203/180/160mm 6-Bolt Disc

        $ 44.99

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          Shimano - SHIMANO DEORE XT 12SPD CHAIN

          $ 71.99

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            Shimano - CHAINE SHIMANO SLX 12 VITESSES

            $ 47.99

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              Biofibre tubeless sealant

              Peaty's - Biofibre tubeless sealant

              $ 35.99

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                10 speed chain HG54

                Shimano - 10 speed chain HG54

                $ 39.99

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                  Loam Grips

                  PNW - Loam Grips

                  $ 33.00

                  • Blackout black
                  • Fruit Snack
                  • safety orange
                  • sea foam teal
                  • rally red
                  • cement grey
                  • moto green
                  • desert dune
                  • peanut butter
                  • pacific blue
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                  Kryptotal Rear DH

                  Continental - Kryptotal Rear DH

                  $ 135.95

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                    Enduro tube 29'' x 2.1-2.6 presta valve 48mm

                    49n - Enduro tube 29'' x 2.1-2.6 presta valve 48mm

                    $ 15.49

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                      NX Eagle 12-speed chain

                      Sram - NX Eagle 12-speed chain

                      $ 40.99

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                        Pédales en composite Range

                        PNW - Pédales en composite Range

                        $ 53.60

                        $ 42.88

                        • Blackout Black
                        • Pacific Blue
                        • Fruit Snack
                        • Rally Red
                        • Cement Grey
                        • Seafoam Teal
                        • Safety Orange
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                        Centerline disc brakes rotor

                        Sram - Centerline disc brakes rotor

                        $ 69.99

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                          Enduro tube 29'' x 2.1-2.6 presta valve 48mm

                          49n - Enduro tube 29'' x 2.1-2.6 presta valve 48mm

                          $ 9.49

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                            shimano resin brake pad B05S

                            Shimano - shimano resin brake pad B05S

                            $ 14.99

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                              Kryptotal Front DH

                              Continental - Kryptotal Front DH

                              $ 135.95

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                                Presta valves VS02 / pairs

                                Stan's No Tubes - Presta valves VS02 / pairs

                                $ 24.99

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                                  SHIMANO XT SM-RT86 6-BOLT DISC 203/180/160mm

                                  Shimano - SHIMANO XT SM-RT86 6-BOLT DISC 203/180/160mm

                                  $ 69.99

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                                    Getta Grip

                                    RaceFace - Getta Grip

                                    $ 26.99

                                    • Yellow/Black
                                    • Green/Black
                                    • Blue/Black
                                    • Magenta/Black
                                    • Red/Black
                                    • Black/Black
                                    • Black/Turquoise
                                    • Black/Purple
                                    • Black/Kashmoney
                                    • Black/Orange
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                                  Do your bicycle parts need changing? Would you like to improve your experience or complete maintenance on your bike? At Epic Bike Store, you will find everything you need to change or add any part.

                                  Different Bicycle Part Categories

                                  Wheels and Tires

                                  In the wheel and tire category, you will find all you need to ride with confidence. Rugged tires are ideal to take advantage of all of the performance that your bicycle has to offer.

                                  With reliable brands like Continental and Maxxis, versatile tires that are ready to face any road conditions are available to you. We also have bicycle parts like air chambers.

                                  Transmission and Suspension

                                  Transmission systems are like the bridge between you and your bike: they are the parts that allow to transfer the strength from your legs to the wheels of your bicycle. We have several available complete transmission sets or even MTB parts that are sold separately:

                                  • Chains
                                  • Derailleurs
                                  • Cranksets;
                                  • Speed levers;
                                  • Etc.

                                  If you have an electric bike, the transmission will be slightly different and also include a motor, a battery and a power assist system.

                                  The suspension system is also essential to your comfort on different types of surfaces. Performance parts will also allow you to improve your driving experience. 

                                  Cables and Sheaths

                                  Among the different parts for road bicycles, you will also find cables, derailleur and brake sheaths.

                                  Low resistance and friction levels are two factors that will allow you to identify good cables and sheaths. At Epic Bike Store, we have rugged parts that will allow you to brake and speed up quickly and efficiently.

                                  For a smooth and enjoyable drive, purchase some of our low friction cables and sheaths.

                                  Seats and Handlebars

                                  Seats and handlebars are also parts that tend to wear and must sometimes be replace. Moreover, your current model, as it is, might not meet your exact needs.

                                  For greater dynamics, posture and comfort, higher quality seats and handlebars are sometimes needed. Among our seats, you will find models that are not only comfortable but that will also allow you to change position easily. 

                                  We also offer comfortable and dynamic handlebars, some of which are extremely light and made of carbon fiber. These models truly are a great addition to your racing bicycle!

                                  On top of seats and handlebars, you can improve your bicycle with accessories that will allow you to optimize your experience.

                                  Brakes and Pedals

                                  No matter if you are looking for a complete set of disk brakes or a specific part, we have a wide selection of:

                                  • Brake pads
                                  • Disks
                                  • Brake levers

                                  With tough components, you are ensuring safe braking distances at all times. Among our products, you will find excellent Shimano and SRAM disks and many more.

                                  How to choose your parts according to your bicycle type (mountain, city, electric, etc.)

                                  Depending on your bicycle, the different parts and types of parts will vary. No matter if you need new parts or are looking to customize your bicycle, make sure the parts you pick are compatible with your bike.

                                  For example, electric bikes have mechanical components like a motor, a battery and a power assist system. They will also require sturdier tires that are made to withstand heavier weights.

                                  Mountain bikes also require rugged tires. Sometimes you will find bicycles with a double suspension; these are things you must consider when selecting parts for your mountain bike.

                                  Moreover, you will want to choose tires with a diameter that is adapted to your bicycle. You will find this information on your current tires’ flank, and it will go as follows: diameter x width (for example: 29 x 2.4). Our models come in several different sizes. 

                                  You should also take note that a wider tire will provide you with greater comfort while a thinner tire will be lighter and more dynamic, improving your bicycle’s performance. For your safety and comfort, you should also get yourself some good clothing for cyclists.

                                  Our products’ specs will allow you to easily verify the compatibility of the different parts with your bicycle. If needed, do not hesitate to contact our team for more advice!

                                  Installation and Maintenance

                                  When changing your bicycle parts, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure proper installation. You will also want to be sure to have the proper tools handy so that you can install the parts adequately.

                                  Sometimes, installing a part on your bicycle might be more complex than you think. Do not hesitate to ask professionals for help, as it is the best way to avoid mistakes and subsequent injuries! They will also be able to help you repair your bicycle if needed.

                                  For maintenance on your bicycle and parts, a regular clean and degreasing are also important. You must grease the chain and cables and also the brake pivots, derailleurs and suspensions. A regular inspection of the components is just as important!

                                  Regular maintenance will allow you to optimize your performance and your safety.

                                  At our Epic Bike Store in Beaupré, you will find original replacement parts for your bicycle, in Beaupré or online! Our quality products provide you with maximum durability.