Marzocchi Bomber Z1 coil

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 coil

Technical specifications

Color :
- Glossy red, matte black or white (limited edition)

Diameter of the plungers:
- 36 mm (same frame as the Fox 36 Rythm)

Travel (adjustable):
- 27.5'': 160, 170 or 180 mm
- 29'': 150, 160 or 170mm

- Fox Grip (compression and rebound adjustments)
Choice of springs:
- Soft (54-68kg), Medium (68-82 kg), Firm (82-95 kg) and Extra-Firm (+ 95kg)

- 44mm
- 15X110mm (Boost)
- 2525g

Personal experience
Tester: Xavier Lefebvre (Mechanic at Epic), weight: 77kg, height: 189cm,

Personal bike: Scott Genius 2022 in size XL

Favorite slopes: King Kong, LB2, Super G (Sentiers du Moulin), 1837, Tordue, Barbelée, Baptême (MSA).

Installation and adjustment:
The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil comes with a Medium spring, which is perfect for me, but there is also the option of a soft, firm or extra-firm spring. In its stock configuration, it is set at 170mm of travel for 29'' wheels, which is 20mm more than the stock fork on my Scott Genius. However, the fork travel is adjustable using spacer tokens on the spring side. It's a fairly simple procedure, but if opening your suspensions is a source of anxiety for you, the mechanics at our workshop will be happy to set you up with the suspension travel of your choice. This adjustment increases the versatility of the fork to allow it to conform to the demands of each bike while providing the ability to experiment with different travel. For my part, I still ride the Bomber Z1 at 170 mm of travel, since that gives me an angle of about 64º very adequate for my riding style. On the spring side, once the correct spring has been selected, the sag must be adjusted with the preload knob. A sag of 30% is recommended. For GRIP cartridge adjustments, only slow rebound and slow compression are adjustable, which greatly simplifies fork setup. I roll the fork with a fairly slow rebound. For compression, I closed it about 1/3 turn and the only times I change this setting is during long climbs, where I close it completely which has the effect of locking the suspension very efficiently. The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 is a suspension that is simple to adjust to allow people who use it to maximize their time on the bike. As we say in the language of our neighbors to the south: set it and forget it!

Marzocchi has a strong history in freeriding and this past shines through in the Bomber Z1 Coil. This suspension is not intended for a cross-country competitor. For forks of this kind, it is better to look at Rockshox with the SID or at Fox the 32 or 34. The Bomber Z1 is a rigid fork with a 36 mm frame (which it shares with the Fox 36 Rythm) . On the spring version it is even heavier (250-300g more than the air version). This weight is felt during the climbs but personally, it's a detail that doesn't matter to me; what matters is downhill performance. However, I have noticed that with the increased sensitivity achieved by the spring, technical climbs are easier: it is easier to maintain its line and the wheel passes easily over rocks and roots.
It's downhill that the Bomber Z1 shines! One word can sum up the characteristic of the fork: sensitivity. Every little bump in the track is absorbed and big hits feel less big! In rock fields, the fork gets over anything with ease and holds its line with ease. On the longer descents, I noticed that my forearms were less tired. One of the criticisms of spring forks is the lack of progressiveness compared to an air fork, but Marzocchi engineers have thought of everything: the spring side is sealed, so the air and oil inside the fork act as a cushion towards the end of travel, increasing the progressiveness of the suspension. The only time I felt the fork bottom out was when I misjudged the speed needed for a double jump on the Empire 47's infamous elbow descent and landed the front wheel in the face of the landing, throwing me off the bike. It is also this progressiveness that keeps the pop so appreciated for jumps.

In conclusion, the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers downhill to uphill, looking for a quality fork that rivals the best, at a low price, while maintaining the simplistic philosophy of Marzocchi.