Our favorite Peaty's products

Nos produits Peaty's préférés

Our favorite Peaty's products.

Steve Peat has been a great rider in the world of mountain biking and continues to demonstrate his talent as head coach of the Santa Cruz Syndicate DH team. But it is not only as an athlete and coach that Peaty stands out, but also as an entrepreneur. Its range of Peaty's cleaning products is booming and frankly, here at EPIC, we are fans of its products. So we thought we'd make a list of our favorite Peaty's products and explain why we love them so much.

Link Lube Dry

Peaty's Link Lube Dry chain lubricant, in our opinion, is one of the best on the market. It is made from a blend of patented waxes in a water-based transfer liquid. Once applied, it lasts a really long time and provides

premium quality lubrication. According to Peaty’s , if conditions are ideal, it can last up to 300km of riding! Of all the dry chain lubricants, it is by far the one we tested that lasts the longest and holds the best if you ever encounter water during your day. When applying, simply apply the lubricant to the chain, spin it for 10 seconds and let everything dry until the lubricant becomes transparent. No excess to remove since there is no residual oil to which dirt could stick. You're ready to ride straight away! We still advise you to apply at home since the drying time is a little longer. It's not ideal to wait 15 minutes for your chain lube to dry while your friends stare at you in the parking lot, raring to go riding. Invitations to ride may become rarer after a while.

Link Lube All Weather

Peaty's Link Lube All Weather is certainly one of the best chain lubricants to have with you at all times. We have the same mixture of waxes as in Link Lube Dry, but this time suspended in a light oil. It is very versatile and adapts very well to all the conditions you may encounter. It may not hold as well as a wet lubricant in very wet conditions, but it will be much less sticky and messy in dry conditions. Application is done in seconds; you apply, you turn the chain for 10 seconds, you quickly wipe off the excess and voila, you are ready to ride. It's the perfect bottle of lubricant to leave in the car and will provide you with high-level lubrication that can handle all conditions and with quick application. It’s also my number one choice for travel. Only one bottle to bring.

Holeshot Biofiber Tubeless Sealant

Peaty's Holeshot Tire Sealant is one of the best sealants we use at EPIC. It is very effective and seals the tires very well at the time of installation. Its formula uses organic fibers and also organic plant-based glitter. The presence of flakes allows the sealer to fill large perforations. They act like platelets in the blood and clump together near the perforation to allow the sealant to do its job. The secret is that the glitter is heavy and sinks to the bottom of the sealer. According to Peaty's, Holeshot sealant is able to take care of perforations measuring up to 6mm. We cannot confirm this statement, but one thing is certain; Every time we've needed Peaty's Holeshot sealant, it's delivered every time.

Loam Foam Concentrate

Peaty's Loam Foam is the cleaner we use in our workshop. This is our favorite because it cleans deeply, is biodegradable, and smells really fresh. But what we love above all is the concentrated formula. With one liter of Loam Foam Concentrate , you can make 5 liters of cleaner. Saving money and reducing our plastic consumption, we like that at EPIC. Simply put 200ml of concentrate into your 1 liter bottle of Loam Foam and fill the rest with water. As simple as that.

Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser

Peaty's Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser is a biodegradable foaming degreaser that has excellent degreasing power. This is also the degreaser that we use in the workshop for quick cleanings before working on a derailleur system. Its foaming action is really useful to reduce damage during application, avoid contaminating other parts and to allow the degreaser to act adequately before cleaning. A safe value to add to your cleaning products.

And There you go! These are our favorite products from Peaty’s . It goes without saying that the entire range is excellent and at the moment Peaty’s is on a roll. Its products sell out quickly and it becomes more difficult in season to get your hands on them. So, don't wait to get caught and plan your Peaty's products for the season right away!