Biking brings us together

For us, true happiness is the euphoria you feel when riding a bike. From epic adventures to city commutes, we’re always reminded why we love this sport: it makes us feel totally alive. We founded Epic to share this passion. And so that as many people as possible can enjoy that feeling of freedom. What we want above all is to make biking accessible to everyone by offering quality products that answer every need. Performance equipment shouldn’t only be for performance athletes. We aim to provide a streamlined buying experience and impeccable customer service, both online and in person. Whatever your level or your goals, we are with you on your road to achieving your personal best.

From Quebec

Mont Sainte-Anne

Epic is a project started by three guys from Quebec. Three mountain-bike enthusiasts who decided to pursue their passion full-time. They bring their years of experience on both trails and streets to serve cyclists through a new online platform. Whether you’re pedalling a bike for the first time or you’re a high-level athlete, there’s a place for you in the Epic family.

Our team


I'm Jim, one of the happy co-owners of this new version of the Epic. Manager and entrepreneur in the automotive world for almost 10 years, I finally decided to get into the field that really fascinates me: cycling. I still remember the euphoria I felt when I was young when I was able to get started on 2 wheels for the first time. Even today, I feel the same pleasure whether it's going down a trail with a knife between my teeth or simply going to see friends for a drink on my commuter. My mission at Epic is to provide you with as much information as possible on products, bikes and new products, whether in video, in writing or in store, in order to help you as much as possible in your development process. 'purchase. Looking forward to chatting or riding with you!


Who takes care of getting your orders to you as quickly as possible? That's me, Rem, far from being a professional pilot, I'm always ready to try a new feature. I'm a mountain biker and I believe in being able to have fun every day, especially at work. That's why I decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure with two friends by creating EPIC, a bike shop whose mission is to serve you and make you want to come and ride with us. Within our company, I make it a point to ensure the logistics to be able to deliver the goods to you efficiently. See you on the slopes!


I'm Sean, one of the original founding members of EPIC. The snowboard and bike enthusiast since my childhood. After spending more than 15 years on the floor selling and advising clients, I now occupy a more discreet role within the team. I am always available to answer questions from clients, friends and colleagues. Looking forward to seeing each other on the road, on the trails, at the shop or at the bar!!

The Shop

Need parts installed, adjustments, repairs or just some good advice? Our shop is ready to handle all your mechanical requirements, whether big or small.

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