Deviate Highlander 150

Deviate Highlander 150

For those who don't know Deviate , I prefer to warn you, there is a good chance that I will create a new need for you, because it is an "insane bike ".

First things first, who is Deviate? It is a small company located in Scotland. The idea to create Deviate came from their experience as a mountain bike guide in Europe. Their goal is to build a good bike capable of braving all types of terrain. Which they have achieved very well with the Deviate Highlander 150. Currently, they only make frames , which allows you to choose your ¨build¨ without compromise.

All frames are equipped with the ¨high pivot¨ system, which allows for super stable bikes in uneven sections. Their ¨idler¨ (the top pulley) is also strategically placed, to help eliminate the feeling of the suspension bobbing when pedaling. In terms of braking, the ¨high pivot¨ system allows you to maintain a stable position at the bike frame. We therefore eliminate the feeling that the bike is pulling us backwards during sudden braking. This allows the Deviate Highlander 150 to be a bike capable of going anywhere, without having exhausted its capabilities on big downhill trails.




In the field


Tester: Jess

Favorite track at MSA: Vietnam


Bicycle components:

Fork Rockshox Lyric ultimate, 160mm
shock absorber Fox Float X2 factory, 210x55mm
wheels Crankbrothers synthesis Enduro 29
brakes Shimano XT 4 pistons
transmission Shimano SLX 12 speed
tire Continental Kryptotal


I have to admit, when I was told that I could try the Deviate Higlander 150 , I was a little afraid of being disappointed with the pedaling portion. I had my share of disappointment at the start of the season with the ¨high pivot¨ bikes. However, the Higlander 150 restored my faith in high pivot bikes and it also proved to me that it could be fun to pedal to the top, although where it excels is obviously downhill. I mainly tested the Deviate in ¨bike parks¨ with a lot of ¨jump lines¨ . It's often said that this type of bike tends to be less ¨playful¨ and sticks to the ground, so it's not supposed to be our best friend in ¨jumps¨. The Deviate Highlander 150 actually sticks to the ground at high speeds, but when it's time to jump it doesn't mind getting laid ;-).

During my tests, I went to Killington and for those who don't know the place, the ¨Black Magic¨ is a nice big ¨jump line¨ with good ¨table tops¨ . In this track, I was afraid that the bike would tend not to want to take off from the ground, since it is ¨high pivot¨, but on the contrary I did not need to “pump” much to pass the jumps. In technical terms, this is really where the Deviate Higlander 150 feels at home. Whether it's ¨rock garden¨ , roots or ¨slow tech¨, it will go everywhere without hesitation and smoothly. On the pedaling side, it climbs quite well for a ¨high pivot¨. I expected it to be quite “cow” like my Norco Range, but on the contrary I was not at the end of my strength when I reached the top.

Finally , if you are looking for a bike to do everything and without having to make too many compromises, I highly recommend the Deviate Highlander 150. You could take on any DH track and when the chairs are closed, it will be a pleasure (and you will also have fun) to climb to the top without you hating this step! In fact, the only thing that can stop you from riding certain trails will be your riding skills and not the capabilities of this bike.