Crankbrothers Stamp 1 and Stamp 7 Pedals

Pédales Crankbrothers Stamp 1 et Stamp 7

The Crankbrothers Stamp 1 pedals are the entry level model. Like all other Crankbrothers flat pedal models, they come in Small and Large sizes.

Why do they have two sizes? Because a rider wearing 6 US shoes and another wearing 11 US shoes will not occupy the same place on the pedal. According to their charter, the Smalls are for shoes from 5 to 10 US and the Larges for 10 to 15 US. Personally, I would recommend the small size pedals for people wearing 7.5 and under, and the large for 8 and over. The Stamp 1 Smalls pedals can also be a very good option for children!

Stamp 1 pedals are made of composite and come standard with 10mm long pins. If you want longer "pins", there is the possibility of ordering 12mm in length. Obviously like most Crankbrothers pedals, you have the option of being able to change your bearings when your pedals start to feel loose. To have the best pedal/shoe combo, you can take the Stamp Flat shoes which have been designed to be used together. Therefore, the grooves of the sole are made to perfectly fit the pedals and its "pins" for better grip.

If you prefer aluminum and more efficient pedals, there are the Stamp 7 . The latter have a concave shape, which makes it possible to have pedals with more grip and thus be more aggressive. On this model we have adjustable "pins", which allows for much more versatility in terms of adjustments and suits pretty much everyone! Of course, they have a service kit to be able to maintain them and change the bearings if necessary.

Trail test:

Pedals: Stamp 1 Small

Shoes: Ride Concept hellion elite size 8 man

On the trails, the pedals grip fairly well even when you're in a fairly rough section, the feet don't tend to want to unhook too much. For the downhill I would have preferred to have the pins a little longer for more grip, but if you're the type who prefers pedals that have just a little grip you'll be happy with the basic " pins". Also, if like me, you are used to fairly wide pedals, I advise you to go with the Large size if you wear a size larger than 8, because you risk finding the size of the platform to be small.