The PNW Range Composite pedals

Les pédales PNW Range Composite

Are you looking for pedals on a budget and you want them to hold up well during your big rides? The PNW Range composite pedals are most likely the pedals for you! PNW is a company that stands out, in my opinion, from the big well-known brands by allowing to have products of such good quality, but at lower prices. Your wallet will appreciate it!

If you want pedals with good grip, but that don't tear all the skin off your calves, the PNWs meet this criteria perfectly. They are convex in shape, so they allow you to reposition your foot much more easily than a concave pedal, which will tend to be more biting.

The shape of the pedal having the back wider than the front, allows you to have more versatility to place your foot well. This shape also makes it possible to accommodate both small and large feet given the position of the "pins".

A big advantage of these pedals is that despite their low price the composite range pedals can be maintained. That is to say, we can change the bearings or replace the pins as needed, instead of buying a new pedal! Why change a winning formula?

In addition, if you want to put a little color on your bike they have a good choice of colors and they retail for only $53.60!

Test :

Tester: Jess

Favorite slopes at MSA: Vietnam, Adorila, Avenue Royale

During my tests in the more trail-running tracks, I really appreciated the ease with which I could move my foot to reposition myself when I climbed into a slightly more technical section. Also, when passing an obstacle standing I felt my foot gripping the pedal, which allowed me to have a little more power. Going down, what I noticed the most was the ease of grip that I managed to achieve. What I mean by that is that with my old pedals (the DMR Vault), sometimes if I put my foot back wrong from the start, I had to stop or really slow down a lot to take my foot off and put it back on. good place. With the Range I don't have that problem, it seems that no matter how I position myself, my foot always takes the right position and it's really more pleasant. For the DH too I was very pleasantly surprised, I was afraid that they wouldn't grip enough since the pins are less imposing, but on the contrary they grip very well and my foot never took off during a jump or a drop, even when I landed really badly from a jump in the Bass Super G to SDM, my feet stayed pretty stable on the pedals.