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Shimano - SHIMANO XT SM-RT86 6-BOLT DISC 203/180/160mm

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With increasingly aggressive and varied riding styles, a better brake rotor was needed. Shimano has responded to the needs of riders by providing best-in-class stopping power, better system cooling, and the best brake feel. This is how the Ice-Tech disc was born. The disc of the Shimano XT RT86 is infused with Ice-Tech braking technology, proven on the high-end XTR groupset. Ice-Tech is a technology that combines the durability and braking power of a steel disc with the heat dissipation properties of aluminum. By sandwiching an aluminum cooling core between two steel braking surfaces, the disc dissipates heat faster, while the steel outer provides solid stopping power and a durable braking surface. The two-piece "floating" disc arrangement also saves weight and increases system stiffness, giving you the intense stopping power you need, with the reliability and survivability that make the reputation of Shimano. Hit every line with confidence and speed with Shimano XT discs!

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    • Ice-Tech technology ensures maximum cooling
    • The two-piece floating rotor, with an aluminum core and a steel braking surface, offers the best in terms of weight, cooling efficiency and performance.
    • 6-bolt disc brake mounting fits 6-bolt hubs.
    • Torx T25 mounting bolts included 15g
    • Adapters not included


    • ICE TECHNOLOGY DISC: Cooling technology for constant performance
    • Plated rotor blade: 3-layer stainless steel/aluminum/stainless steel sandwich structure
    • Rotor blade designed to clear mud
    • Lightness/heat resistance
    • Less discoloration, less noise and longer pad life