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Peaty's - Biofibre tubeless sealant

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Developed alongside World Cup mechanics and World Champion riders. Peaty's Holeshot Tubeless Sealant is filled with biodegradable fibers and sealant particles to give a fast, strong seal. Using the latest fast-acting latex, our water-based sealant is ammonia-free, non-hazardous and lasts up to 6 months in the tire in temperate climates*. It does not swell in the tire and washes easily.

Our biodegradable fibers and particles bond with fast-acting latex to create a clot (like platelets in your blood) to quickly and effectively seal holes and tears up to 6mm.

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    • new sealant formula!

    • thinner and more mobile in the tire (while still achieving good sidewall cling)

    • more reliable on initial setup - so it doesn't drop as much pressure after first setup.

    • seals bigger holes quicker and more permanently with more sealing compounds

    • less messy - black platelets appear less messy against tire carcasses and workshop floors

    • biodegradable fibers & particles • seals up to 6mm holes

    • operating pressure: 15 to 120 psi

    • operating temperature: -20°c to +50°c

    • seals porous tires and bead/rim gaps