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KMC - E10 10 speed chain

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E10 10 speed chain

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    The KMC e10 is a 10-speed chain optimized for use with e-bike drivetrains and compatible with all rear and mid hub systems from Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Brose and many others and is designed to work with electric bikes equipped with a 10-speed transmission.

    The e10 features KMC's highest torsional strength which helps resist the increased torque provided by the electronically assisted transmission. Unrivaled riveting geometry provides KMC's highest power rating for optimal strength and durability.

    The extended length of 136 links is designed to accommodate even the longest chainstays and each chain comes with a CL559-NP MissingLink connector for quick and easy assembly and removal.

    The KMC e10 with added EPT protection provides 2x more rust protection and has been tested to withstand 650 hours of continuous salt spray. The EPT version is ideal for cyclists who ride in winter, in wet conditions or in areas near the ocean.