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american classic - Tectonite

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    The front-specific Tectonite tire relies on a directional tread pattern that features angled center knobs, angled shoulder lugs, and alternating transition knobs to provide numerous traction angles for consistent, reliable cornering no matter what or how hard you push into the turn.

    For optimal performance, pair the Tectonite with a Basanite tire on the rear wheel. The Tectonite is available in Trail and Enduro versions with carcass, construction and tread compounds specific to the intended use.

    Trail models feature our Stage TR Armor construction for efficient climbs, predictable turns and long days on singletrack.

    Enduro models feature our Stage EN Armor construction for a tire that provides grip in blind corners, confidence in rock gardens and the ability to power up the trail. The Stage TR Armor and Stage EN Armor constructions are Tubeless Ready.


    american classic




    Front-focused Trail or Enduro tire

    29X2.5" (64-622), 27.5X2.5" (64-584)

    Tubeless ready

    Stage TR Armor Build Options

    Armor Build Options Stage EN

    Double and triple compound tread options

    Black side